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Our role is to connect alumni — with each other and with the University.  We communicate with them, we invite them to get involved, we offer opportunities for meaningful participation — and we represent their voice back to the University.

Evidence indicates, and common sense suggests, that alumni who are well-informed and involved are more likely to become fully engaged in other ways, most notably as donors.  So we play a critical role in the cultivation of all alumni — many will become donors, many will become volunteer leaders, many will become advocates for the University, and many more will just speak well of the University and generate goodwill.  As an alumni association, we value all of these gifts.

As you likely know, Illinois has more living alumni than any university in the country. Our database of members, comprising all graduates, former students and current students, totals 720,000. And we offer a comprehensive set of benefits, services and communications that is the equal of any alumni association.  Like the University itself, the Alumni Association is considered one of the best such organizations in the country.Next Slide

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