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Research Spotlight Series: The Illini Solar Car Team

The Research Spotlight Series is featuring the College of Engineering’s Illini Solar Car Team.  Come and hear the research team discuss challenges and opportunities as they create a solar car.

Research Spotlight Series explores the research process of scholars across disciplines by highlighting their scholarly works.

From the moment a scholar embarks on a research project to its eventual point of completion or further continuation, she or he would have interacted with information professionals and fellow scholars in the field, worked with library and archival collections and a multitude of electronic resources and technologies. Although much is written about the end-result of such a journey, understanding the research process itself remains an exciting area of scholarship.  Each Research Spotlight will highlight a scholar’s work and the author will discuss the work by addressing the following:

What factors and interests led to this research project?

What resources (people and materials) were critical to completing this manuscript?

What opportunities and challenges did the scholar encounter in the research process?

What suggestions does the scholar have for emerging scholars in this field of study?

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