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Solving the World’s Challenges: Exploring the Intersection of Agriculture & Health (A Panel Discussion)

Funk ACES Library will host our third Solving the World’s Challenges panel on Thursday, April 15.

Three experts from across campus (Hannah Holscher, Food Science & Human Nutrition; Rebecca Smith, Veterinary Medicine; and Matthew Stasiewicz, Food Science & Human Nutrition) will each discuss their research connecting agriculture and health and respond to questions from attendees. Their research includes studies on connections between diet, gut microbes and health; risks to human health from pathogens originating in livestock farms; and applications of genomics and data science tools for food safety. This panel presentation will be an opportunity for people to come together with the Funk ACES Library to learn about and discuss research exploring the intersection of agriculture and health.

Apr 15, 2021   3:00 – 4:30 pm  


All are welcome!

This virtual event is free and open to the public. Live-transcription will be available and the event will be recorded.

For more details, visit our Solving the World’s Challenges Panel Presentation Exhibit or learn about our past panel events.

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