Note: this event has passed

UIAA Speaker Series | Generative Artificial Intelligence and Higher Education

Join us for an enlightening Alumni College event and explore the realm of AI language models in education with School of Information Sciences Professor Ted Underwood. Generative models stand out among various language modeling approaches due to their ability to produce new language in their outputs. Following significant breakthroughs in the late 2010s, excitement surrounding these models has steadily grown. This excitement reached its peak with the launch of products like ChatGPT and similar offerings last winter. As we move into this fall, the world of higher education is buzzing with inquiries regarding the implications of generative artificial intelligence for both students and educators.
Is it cheating when students consult a model?
Do professors need to make assignments more challenging?
Consensus on these questions remains elusive, but Prof. Underwood will give a candid overview of the conversation, and describe a few emerging research projects that try to find ways for artificial intelligence to play a constructive role in human learning.