Grand Danube Passage

Grand Danube Passage

Cruise the mighty Danube River through eight European countries and Austria’s storied Wachau Valley, a fairly-tale stretch of cliff-top castles and terraced vineyards. Enjoy three nights in Prague, Czech Republic, sail the Danube for eight nights and savor two nights in Sofia, Bulgaria. Along the way, discover Roman ruins, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques and fortresses — all part of a complex history shaped by the Danube. Feast your eyes on Budapest illuminated at night and the Iron Gate Gorge, an engineering marvel. Taste traditional delicacies in Croatia’s Slavonia region and enjoy a folk show and a performance of the Viennese waltz onboard. In several ports, choose from a selection of included excursions. Consider a culinary outing, cycling or an art tour. Enjoy first-class ship accommodations and deluxe hotels. The extensive meal plan features wine and beer with lunch and dinner. There is no single supplement for solo travelers.

Trip Itinerary:

October 9 In Transit. Depart Gateway City for Prague, Czech Republic.

AHI FlexAir passengers depart for Prague, Czech Republic.

Meals – Appropriate in-flight meal service

October 10 Prague, Czech Republic

Upon arrival, transfer and check in to the Inter-Continental Prague.

Free Time: Spend the afternoon creating your own itinerary in Prague, a magnificent city spread along both banks of the Vltava River.

Tonight, gather for a special Welcome Reception.

October 11 Prague

Discovery: Prague Old Town and Charles Bridge.
Activity level: Active
Visit the famous Old Town Horologe (Clock Tower), whose 15th-century astronomical clock still works on its original system of construction. Stroll along Charles Bridge, the city’s most familiar landmark. Savor this gem of medieval architecture and after admiring the view you’ll be on the left bank in Hradcany, where many of Prague’s most famous sites are located. (Active)

Free Time: Spend the rest of the day at leisure and make your own discoveries in Prague.

October 12 Prague

Personalize Your Journey | Choose one of the following excursions.
•Lobkowicz Palace and Museum
Activity level: Moderate
Visit this luxurious 16th-century palace, which is located inside the Prague Castle Complex. See stunning masterpieces, works of art, weapons, ceramics and musical instruments from the 12th-20th centuries. Admire Romanesque and Rococo artifacts and learn about the legacies of the noble Lobkowicz family, whose storied history spans seven centuries.

•Prague’s Jewish Quarter
Activity level: Moderate
Explore the Jewish Quarter and the Prague National Jewish Museum. Founded in 1906, the museum has weathered turbulent times under both Nazi and Communist rule. Today, it is a showcase of Jewish history and religious treasures. The collections are housed in the quarter’s six synagogues, and the exhibits provide a comprehensive look at Jewish history in Eastern Europe.

•Art Nouveau and Cubist Walking Tour
Activity level: Moderate
Uncover the captivating 20th-century architecture adorning Prague’s streets and squares. As you wend your way through the city, see buildings built in the art nouveau and cubist fashions, and learn to recognize the different elements of these architectural styles, such as their unique angles, geometric patterns and textures. Visit elaborate structures and listen to fascinating historical accounts along the way.

Free Time: Spend the afternoon at leisure and make the most of your last day in Prague.

October 13 Prague | Passau, Germany

After breakfast, transfer to Passau, Germany.

Discovery: Picturesque Passau.
Activity level: Moderate
Nestled at the confluence of the Danube, Ilz and Inn rivers, Passau has been called “one of the most beautifully situated towns in the world.” See the many highlights of this delightful city including Niedernburg Abbey, the medieval Veste Oberhaus and St. Stephen’s Cathedral.

Embark your first-class ship and kick off your Danube cruise during a Welcome Aboard Reception and Dinner.

October 14 Melk, Austria | Durnstein

Discovery: Melk Abbey.
Activity level: Moderate
Visit Melk’s Benedictine abbey, an architectural jewel with impressive interiors that also is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The baroque building dates from 1736, and an amazing view of the mighty Danube waits on the abbey’s terrace. (Moderate)

This afternoon, enjoy sailing through the Wachau Valley, one of Europe's finest landscapes where the riverbanks boast charming villages clustered around churches and medieval castles.

Personalize Your Journey | Choose one of the following excursions.
•Dürnstein Walking Tour
Activity level: Moderate
Take a stroll through Dürnstein, where King Richard the Lionheart of England was held captive during the Crusades. It is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Wachau Valley. Witness baroque architecture, pass by gorgeous scenery, see vineyards that produce award-winning wine and visit the magnificent Stiftskirche, known for its blue tower.

•Cycling the Danube
Activity level: Active
Considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Wachau Valley, Dürnstein offers an ideal setting for a bike ride. During this two-hour adventure, explore a small portion of the 745-mile (1,200-kilometer) Danube Bicycle Trail, which runs from Germany to Hungary. Along the way, see quaint villages set against the Danube and lush vineyards of the Wachau Valley with an expert guide. Enjoy a snack stop along the way.

•Wachau Winery
Activity level: Moderate
Head out of Dürnstein, passing stunning vineyards and lush scenery during your walk to a local winery, where you will enjoy a tour and samples from its cellar.

October 15 Vienna

Enrichment: Timeless Vienna.
Discover the history of Vienna, an elegant and timeless city.

Personalize Your Journey | Choose one of the following excursions.
•Imperial Vienna
Activity level: Moderate
Explore the Imperial Apartments of Hofburg Palace and admire their sumptuous appointments, then drive along the Ringstrasse, one of the most magnificent boulevards in the world. See the University, the oldest in the German-speaking countries, the Houses of Parliament, the Opera House and monuments to Johann Strauss and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

•Klosterneuburg Monastery and Wine
Activity level: Moderate
Journey north of Vienna to nearby Klosterneuburg. Overlooking the Danube is its 12th-century monastery, home to the gilded copper Verdun Altar and a wine estate, the oldest in Austria. Explore Klosterneuburg Monastery’s impressive art collection, then visit its winding wine cellar as you learn about the craft of winemaking, then enjoy a tasting.

•Schönbrunn Palace
Activity level: Moderate
Visit the beautiful Schönbrunn Palace and Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This opulent royal residence was the summer home of the Habsburgs from the 18th century through the early 20th century. See the lavish State Apartments, Hall of Mirrors and manicured gardens. Marvel at the baroque architecture of the residence as well as the statues in the gardens. This magnificent estate, built at the height of the Habsburg dynasty, sits on a site of a modest hunting lodge and summer home that was destroyed by Ottoman forces in 1683. Starting from scratch, architects were able to embrace the newest trend, baroque art and architecture.

Free Time: Spend the afternoon at leisure in Vienna, perhaps stopping in a café for a Viennese coffee and Sacher Torte, the famous Austrian cake. A shuttle will be provided for your convenience.

October 16 Bratislava, Slovakia

Enrichment: The Velvet Revolution and the Making of Slovakia.
Learn about the Velvet Revolution, a pivotal event that led to the end of communism in Czechoslovakia and preceded the country’s split into the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Personalize Your Journey | Choose one of the following excursions.
•Old Town and Café
Activity level: Moderate
Enjoy enchanting Bratislava, a medieval town with a rich past. Marvel at St. Martin’s Cathedral, once the site of Hungarian coronations. See the Slovak National Theatre and St. Michael’s Gate, the only remaining gate of the city’s medieval fortifications. Continue to Primate’s Palace, where Hungarian archbishops spend their winters. Then visit an impressive café filled with art for a pastry and coffee.

•Old Town and Music
Activity level: Mild
Once the stage for Mozart, Beethoven, Hummel and more, Bratislava has a storied musical history. Explore Old Town, focusing on the venues associated with these renowned composers; then enjoy a performance by a talented young musician.

•Iron Curtain Bike Tour
Activity level: Active
Enjoy a leisurely bike tour along the Danube that explores the Slovak-Austrian border, once part of the Iron Curtain. As you ride on both the left and the right banks of the Danube, enjoy vistas of the marvelous Bratislava castle, see a pre-WWII bunker and learn about the area’s urban transformation.

October 17 Budapest, Hungary

Personalize Your Journey | Choose one of the following excursions.
•Highlights of Budapest
Activity level: Moderate
This capital was once two cities — Buda and Pest — on opposite sides of the Danube, which flows through the center of the visually spectacular and united city. See Heroes’ Square, the Opera House and the Gothic-style Parliament Building. Enjoy stunning panoramic views from Fisherman’s Bastion.

•Living Local
Activity level: Moderate
Take a guided tour of Budapest’s bustling Great Market Hall, built in the 19th century. Rain or shine, peruse the food and craft stalls that span three floors of this historic structure. Continue to a local coffee house to learn how pastry chefs craft the flakiest, tastiest strudels. Enjoy a piece of strudel with coffee or tea and a sampling of palinka, an Eastern European schnapps.

•Budapest’s Jewish Quarter
Activity level: Moderate
Explore Budapest’s Jewish Quarter. Pass by the 19th-century Great Synagogue, the largest in Europe, and the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park, where the Emanuel Tree Holocaust memorial stands, en route to the Holocaust Memorial Center, which occupies the renovated Pava Street Synagogue. Take a tour of this poignant memorial before continuing to the Glass House, a safe haven for thousands of Jews during World War II. Learn the story of Swiss Vice Consul Carl Lutz and how he and other Swiss and Swedish diplomats sheltered thousands of Jews and arranged for their travel out of Hungary. The final stop is Shoes on the Danube, a moving tribute to the Jews who were shot on the banks of the Danube by the local militia in the mid-1940s.

Discovery: Budapest by Night.
Activity level: Mild
As your ship departs this evening, delight in the sparkling, awe-inspiring panoramas of Budapest at night. The city’s architecture bordering the Danube is illuminated with vivid auburn and butter-toned hues, providing an unforgettable moment during your journey. Sail past the beautiful Parliament, Fisherman’s Bastion, Buda Castle, Chain Bridge and more while admiring their rosy reflections cast on the Danube’s surface.

October 18 Pecs | Osijek, Croatia | Vukovar

Discovery: Pécs.
Activity level: Moderate
Enjoy a walking tour of Pécs, a city known for its Roman ruins and Ottoman mosques, which have been turned into churches. Also, discover the flavors of the region during a wine tasting. (Moderate)

Discovery: Osijek and Vukovar.
Activity level: Moderate
Take a walking tour through Osijek, passing baroque buildings, military complexes and university facilities. This village, which hugs the River Drava, has 17 parks and an impressive historic neighborhood. Continue to Vukovar for a panoramic tour through the historic city center. Rejoin the ship in Mohacs and sail to Belgrade.

October 19 Belgrade, Serbia

Enrichment: Modern Serbia.
Get an in-depth look at life in the former Yugoslavian state of Serbia.

Personalize Your Journey | Choose one of the following excursions.
•Belgrade City Highlights
Activity level: Moderate
Enjoy a visit to Kalemegdan Citadel. This impressive structure served as a fort since Celtic times, but much of its present appearance dates from the 17th century. The gates of the citadel are medieval, while the churches are affiliated with the Orthodox faith. The tombs are Muslim and the bath is Turkish. These characteristics reflect the different cultures that have shaped Serbia throughout the centuries. Take in the sights as you drive through Belgrade’s main streets. Visit St. Sava Cathedral and the Church of Saint Paraskeva (Sveta Petka), one of the most exquisite of Serbia’s Orthodox churches.

•Eating Like a Local in Belgrade
Activity level: Moderate
Prepare to delight your taste buds today as you take a sensory journey of Serbian gastronomy. From ustipak (donut-like balls) to kajmak (clotted cream) to Rakija (local brandy), you’ll encounter a fusion of spices, textures and belly-pleasing flavors. Along the way, learn about the storied customs and traditions that have influenced today’s food culture in Serbia. Then end the tour with a BBQ of minced meats, sweet treats and local wines.

•Science and Scientist Tour
Activity level: Moderate
Explore the Nikola Tesla Museum. Through interactive exhibits, more than 160,000 original documents and short films, learn how the 19th-century inventor Nikola Tesla left his imprint on wireless technology. The ashes of this remarkable engineer, who is recognized as the father of the electric age and pioneer of radio technology, are also kept on the premises.

Free Time: Spend the rest of the afternoon at leisure in Belgrade. A shuttle will be available for transport to and from the port.

Discovery: An Evening of Folklore.
Activity level: Mild
Following dinner tonight, enjoy an engaging and colorful local folk show on the ship.

October 20 Iron Gate Gorge

Sail past the dramatic cliffs of the Carpathian Mountains. Enter the Iron Gate Gorge, one of Europe’s most magnificent natural wonders. The gorge is a passage that is only 530 feet (about 160 meters) wide. Watching the Danube thunder through the gap is a truly thrilling experience. This geological wonder is part of the boundary between Romania and Serbia.

Discovery: Frühschoppen!
Activity level: Mild
Laze on deck and join the crew for a fun social event. Eat, drink and be merry as you enjoy the German tradition of drinking beer with Brezeln (pretzels), Weißwurst (sausages) and mustards.

Join a Farewell Reception and Dinner tonight.

October 21 Vidin, Bulgaria | Sofia

After breakfast, disembark the ship in Vidin.

Discovery: The Ancient City of Vidin.
Activity level: Moderate
One of Bulgaria’s oldest towns, Vidin was settled by the Celts more than 2,000 years ago. During a panoramic tour of the town, see the mosque and library of Osman Pazvantouglu and other highlights. Visit the 17th-century St. Panteleimon Church and the Baba Vida Fortress.

October 22 Sofia

Enrichment: A Prologue to the Bulgarian Revival.
The Middle Ages were ending when Ottoman invaders claimed Bulgaria for their empire in the 14th century. Learn about the conditions and events that led to the Bulgarian Revival of the 19th century when Ottoman forces were defeated and expelled.

Discovery: Sofia – City with the Name of Wisdom.
Activity level: Moderate
From its ancient history to its unique geographical location, Bulgaria’s capital is a fascinating wonder. Today, discover the many landmarks of Bulgaria’s capital. See the ancient ruins of Serdica. Admire St. George Rotunda, Alexander Battenberg Square, home to the former Royal Palace, and the Cathedral of St. Alexander of Neva.

Free Time: The remainder of the day is free to continue exploring Sofia on your own.

In the evening, join your fellow travelers for a Farewell Reception and Dinner.

October 23 Depart for Gateway City

After breakfast, AHI FlexAir passengers traveling on flights that qualify for a group transfer and Land/Cruise Program passengers who have purchased seats on the group transfer depart for Prague Ruzyně Airport for your return flights home. Your Travel Director will provide the details.

Meals – Breakfast and appropriate in-flight meal service

NOTE: Itinerary may change due to local conditions.


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