Illini 411: What’s the coldest day ever recorded on campus?

Question courtesy of Jennifer Christie, ’09 LAS

collage of snowy campus images (Photo-illustration by Dana Smith)
Question courtesy of Jennifer Christie, ’09 LAS

A: Get out your toboggans, friends! And your down vests and long underwear and hand warmers and all that other cold weather razzamatazz. Or, better yet, just stay inside beside a roaring fire until spring comes. Anyway, the U of I’s record low of -25 degrees (F, not C) happened four times: Feb. 9, 1899; Feb. 13, 1905; Jan. 19, 1994; and Jan. 5, 1999. If you were on campus for those last two, write and let us know what you did to brave the cold.

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