The Ricker Circle

The Ricker Circle is an honorary society recognizing alumni and friends who have contributed cumulative, lifetime gifts of $2,500 or more to the Illinois Alumni Association. The society is named in honor of Nathan C. Rickerβ€”the second Illinois Alumni Association president and designer of the distinctive Illinois Alumni Association crest, which originally was worn as an alumni badge of pride and now serves as The Ricker Circle emblem.

Recognition Levels

πŸ’Ž Diamond Level ($25,000 +)

β€’ Norman ’58 DSSWV and Mary Jane Beasley
β€’ Henry ’52 DSSWV and Nancy Blackwell II ’52 MEDIA
β€’ Donald ’53 BUS and Frances Buske
β€’ Robert ’54 BUS and Alice Campbell, JD ’43 LAW
β€’ Elizabeth Carmichael
β€’ George Clements

β€’ Dorothy ’49 LAS and James Dilorio
β€’ Richard Foley ’49 ENG and Joanne Bresee Foley ’49 LAS
β€’ William ’86 BUS and Martha Forsyth III ’86 LAS
β€’ Lawrence Gougler ’41 BUS
β€’ Phyllis Hallene ’51 LAS
β€’ Michael ’72 LAS and Lois Harring ’73 LAS
β€’ Harold ’50 ENG and Liz Hindsley
β€’ Jeanne Hindsley ’51 LAS
β€’ Dwight Jenkins ’39 BUS
β€’ Norma Johnston ’48 LAS
β€’ Brooks Kellogg and Gail Veasman Kellogg ’65 LAS
β€’ Jill ’50 ACES and T.G. Knappenberger ’33  LAS, JD ’33 LAW
β€’ J. Andy ’79 LAS and Susan Langan
β€’ Norma β€™71 BUS and David Lauder β€™71 LAS
β€’ Peter ’75 ENG, MS ’77 ENG and Jean Leblond

β€’ Louis, EDM ’62, and Mary Liay
β€’ Woody Long and Carol Keiser-Long ’68 ACES
β€’ Bob ’53 BUS and Sharon Lumsden ’57 FAA, MA ’64 FAA
β€’ R. Eden ’62 LAS and Sharon Martin
β€’ Phillip ’57 BUS and Madonna Matteson
β€’ Edward ’69 ACES and Judith McMillan ’71 ACES
β€’ Merle ’58 ACES and Janet Mulvaney ’58 ACES
β€’ Roger ’64 ENG and Joanne Plummer
β€’ Jane ’54 LAS and Robert Rader
β€’ Joseph ’69 MEDIA, MS ’73 MEDIA and Pamela Rank ’74 BUS
β€’ Jack ’43 ACES and Marjorie Richmond
β€’ Scott ’87 ENG and Laurie Rose
β€’ Henry ’48 DSSWV and Kathleen Sherry
β€’ Loren and Susan Taylor
β€’ Stephen ’72 BUS, MAS ’73, and Elizabeth Van Arsdell
β€’ James ’60 LAS and Dena Vermette
β€’ Jan ’76 LAS and Kenneth Viste ’62 LAS
β€’ Thomas ’73 BUS, MBA ’74, and Lynn Karen Vogelsinger ’74 ED
β€’ Scott ’79 FAA and Joan Ziegler ’79 MEDIA

πŸ”Ά Topaz Level ($15,000 +)

β€’ Daniel ’72 AA and Meredith Azark
β€’ T. Eugene ’52 BUS, MA ’57 and Shirley Blanchard
β€’ George ’60 AHS and Jeanne Bon Salle
β€’ Ruth W. Bowen
β€’ Amy K. Brownback ’00 MEDIA
β€’ Benjamin H. Brownback ’99 LAS
β€’ Kathy Calvert ’93 BUS
β€’ Brett ’93 LAS and Lara Coffee
β€’ Dan ’75 BUS and Anita DeCanniere
β€’ Roger Dewey
β€’ L. Eugene ’70 FAA and Michelle Dillow
β€’ Donald Dodds Jr.
β€’ Daniel Doheny ’84 BUS and Anne Easton Doheny
β€’ Ray Elliott, MS ’84 MEDIA, and Vanessa Faurie ’87 MEDIA
β€’ George ’59 MEDIA and Kitty Grubb
β€’ Mary Alice Grubb ’60 MEDIA
β€’ Alfred ’71 LAS and Mary Harms Jr. ’71 LAS
β€’ Edward Haben ’77 BUS and Mary Kay Kretch Haben ’77 BUS

β€’ Mary L. ’71 LAS and Alfred G. ’71 LAS
β€’ Scott Hindsley ’78 FAA, MARCH ’80, and Amy Wagner
β€’ William ’51 ENG and Patricia Holmes
β€’ Paul ’66 ENG, MS ’68 ENG, and Barbara Koch ’66 LAS
β€’ Ruth L. Labitzke ’42 ED
β€’ Amy Legue ’00 MEDIA
β€’ Thomas ’90 MEDIA and Catherine Livingston
β€’ Paul Lumsden ’87 ACES
β€’ John ’78 AA and Karen Ochoa
β€’ Jack ’87 LAS and Lorene Peirce
β€’ Richard and Gayl Pyatt ’64 LAS
β€’ Edward Ruther ’36 BUS
β€’ David ’77 BUS and Anita Seiler
β€’ Damon ’93 LAS, MUP ’95, and Janine Smith ’93 LAS
β€’ Robert, MS ’94 ENG, PHD ’96 ENG, and Scarlett Southwell, EDM ’94
β€’ Jerry and Karen Tow
β€’ Joel ’63 BUS and Analee Weisman
β€’ Albert ’39 LAS and Jane Wohlers ’41 MEDIA

πŸ”· Sapphire Level ($2,500 +)

β€’ Richard Adams ’59 MEDIA and Patricia Januszki ’85 BUS
β€’ Paul Adriani ’85 LAS and Susan Hardenbrook
β€’ John ’50 ACES and Marjorie Albin
β€’ Larry ’70 ENG and Dheena Altenbaumer ’71 LAS
β€’ Gene and Ellen Amberg
β€’ Brian and Andrea Ballinger ’98 LAS, MBA ’08
β€’ Stephen Bardo ’90 LAS
β€’ Amy Barklam ’94 BUS
β€’ Robert ’55 ENG and Doralea Bean
β€’ Taylor ’62 LAS and Gail Bell
β€’ Ronald ’68 LAS and Joyce Bergmann
β€’ Kathryn ’93 MEDIA and Keith Beyer ’93 LAS
β€’ Sandra Blanco ’72 LAS, EDM ’73 ED
β€’ Norma Blanchard
β€’ T. Eugene ’52 BUS and Phyllis Blanchard
β€’ Charles Blumenfeld ’28 LAS, JD ’30 LAW, JD ’30 LAW
β€’ Jane Bonaldi ’64 FAA, MA ’69 FAA
β€’ Jacqueline Bost
β€’ Thomas ’73 LAS, ’74 LAS and Kathleen Bouwkamp
β€’ John Brown
β€’ Ben Brownback ’99 LAS
β€’ Kenneth Bruce II and Christine Chambers Dodds Bruce
β€’ Michael ’77 ENG and Karan Brunetto ’76 LAS
β€’ Arthur ’80 ACES and Nancy Bunn
β€’ Richard Burns ’73 ACES and Colleen Callahan ’73 ACES
β€’ Robert ’53 BUS and Adelaide Caldwell
β€’ Edna Campbell ’46 MEDIA
β€’ Lynell Cannell ’69 LAS, MS ’70 ENG, PHD ’76 ENG
β€’ Michael and Angie Love Cardinal
β€’ Michael Carlin ’99 FAA, MARCH ’01 FAA and Elena Amoroso ’00 FAA, MARCH ’02 FAA
β€’ Dona and Stacy Cameron
β€’ Leonard and Patricia Carmichael
β€’ Peter Wai Chan, MBA ’95, MS ’99 ACES
β€’ Lipei MS ’91 LAS and Tracy Chen MS ’91 LAS
β€’ Charles Cherry ’49 LAS, MA ’51 LAS
β€’ Gery ’79 LAS and Sunny Chico
β€’ Leonard Chorosinski ’80 ENG
β€’ Archie ’66 ENG, MS ’72 ENG, HON ’05, and Marilyn Clemins ’67 ACES
β€’ David Cocagne ’00 LAS
β€’ Edward Cohen ’75 PHAM
β€’ Janice Cooper
β€’ Stephen ’72 LAS and Helen Cox, EDM ’71
β€’ Harry Curts ’25 BUS
β€’ Alfred Davis ’60 ED, MS ’62 ED, ’64 ED and Janis Chadsey PHD ’84 ED
β€’ Ruth ’49 BUS and Kenneth Davis ’51 BUS
β€’ Dorothy ’24 LAS and Gale Deam
β€’ Dan ’75 BUS and Anita DeCanniere
β€’ Kaamna MHRIR ’03 LER and Rohit Dhawan
β€’ L. ’70 FAA and Michelle Dillow
β€’ Alan ’85 LAS, MAS ’87 BUS and Merredith Dodds ’88 LAS
β€’ Alice Brown Dodds
β€’ Donald ’53 MEDIA and Ellamae Dodds
β€’ E.J. Donaghey
β€’ Mark ’88 BUS and Elizabeth Dosier
β€’ John ’72 FAA, MS ’74 FAA, and Carol Jean Drayton ’71 FAA
β€’ Sherry Eagle ’70 ED
β€’ Angela ’94 ACES and Chris Eckert ’94 ACES
β€’ Teddy Eddleman ’49 AHS
β€’ Donald ’88 BUS and Anne Edwards ’88 BUS
β€’ Sara English
β€’ Jack ’78 ENG, MS ’81 ENG, PHD ’84 ENG and Yonsook Enloe ’78 ENG
β€’ Debra Evans
β€’ Melissa Evans ’94 LAS
β€’ Doak Ewing and Cheryl Barnak Ewing ’69 LAS
β€’ Robert ’83 BUS and Lora Falato
β€’ Herbert ’49 BUS and Sandi Feinberg
β€’ Mark ’88 LAS, ’88 LAS and Bethann Filip
β€’ Charles ’55 BUS and Blanche Finn
β€’ Kathryn Finn ’79 ACES
β€’ Douglas Fitzgerald ’76 BUS and Karen Clausius ’75 FAA
β€’ Jeanette Flaningam ’44 LAW, JD ’47 LAW
β€’ Sally Fletcher ’78 BUS
β€’ Linda ’70 LAS and Roger Fornell
β€’ James ’68 ENG, MS ’72 ENG, MD ’76, and Nancy Frakes ’67 ED
β€’ Robert ’74 LAS, MS ’76 LAS, PHD ’79 LAS, and Laura Fraley ’77 LAS, MS ’79 BUS
β€’ Daniel Franzen ’92 ENG, MS ’96 ENG
β€’ Louis ’67 ENG and Christine Friedrich
β€’ Bryan Ganaway, PHD ’03 LAS, and Irina Gigova, PHD ’05 LAS
β€’ Fredrick ’70 ENG and Deborah Ganaway ’70 LAS
β€’ Darrien, MD ’84, and Jocelyn Gaston
β€’ Laura ’98 ED and Brian Gilleland ’98 LAS
β€’ James and Patricia Halcott Glenn, EDM ’66
β€’ Mark ’70 BUS, JD ’73 LAW, and C. Bonnie Goldenberg ’72 FAA
β€’ Kenneth and Betty Gorden ’47 ACES
β€’ John ’81 LAS and Maureen Graf
β€’ Robert and Karen Graham
β€’ Gordon Greenberg ’78 LAS and Patricia Collins
β€’ Kristopher ’04 BUS and Beezly Groh
β€’ Yunhong Gu and Shuang Liu
β€’ Christian ’82 BUS and Valerie Hallen
β€’ Phyllis Hansen ’60 LAS, MS ’61 INFOS
β€’ Scott Hasler Sr. ’51 DSSWV
β€’ Marshall, PHD ’82 LAS, and Chi-Mi Tai Hayward, PHD ’84 LAS
β€’ Dena Heflin ’85 ACES, ’88 VM, DVM ’90
β€’ Robert and Janet Heldman
β€’ Jeffrey Henn ’44 LAS
β€’ Charles and Barbara Hundley
β€’ Stephen ’93 LAS and Laurie Husak ’89 LAS, MA ’92 LAS
β€’ Stanley and Judith Ikenberry
β€’ Bruce Johnson ’70 MEDIA, MS ’72 MEDIA
β€’ Roger Johnson ’65 ENG, MS ’66 ENG, PHD ’70 ENG and Martie Mareno
β€’ Ruth Johnson
β€’ Samuel ’86 FAA and Donna Johnson
β€’ Richard ’89 LAS and Amy Johnstone
β€’ Philip ’81 BUS and Brenda Jones ’82 ED
β€’ Matthew ’87 LAS and Sara Joyce ’89 ACES
β€’ Richard, PHD ’98 ED, and Patricia Justice, PHD ’90 ED
β€’ Michael Kahn ’81 LAS
β€’ Jeffrey Kardatzke ’97 ENG
β€’ Marilyn Schnirring Kennedy ’52 MEDIA
β€’ Stuart ’90 LAS, MD ’95, MBA ’10, and Teresa King
β€’ S. Craig ’91 BUS and Diane Kiddoo

β€’Β Richard ’90 ENG, MS ’92 ENG, MBA ’92, and Cynthia Knoll ’91 LAS, EDM ’92
β€’Β Stephen Kolb ’71 ENG
β€’Β Srinivas Kuchipudi ’90 ENG
β€’ Emerson ’65 ENG and Martha Lacey
β€’ Craig ’90 ENG, MS ’92 ENG, and Charlotte Laughton ’91 ED
β€’ David ’69 BUS and Patty Brooks Leach ’69 LAS
β€’ Edwin Lennox III ’90 ENG, MS ’92 ENG, MS ’97 ENG
β€’ William ’73 LAS and Barbara Lenz
β€’ Thomas ’90 MEDIA, MPA ’97, and Casey Livingston
β€’ Sara de Mundo Lo, MS ’57 LIS
β€’ Stuart ’62 BUS and Mary Lockwood
β€’ Wayne and Carol Lockwood
β€’ Fred Loewinsohn ’66 LAS
β€’ Eleanor Lukazewski ’64 PHAM
β€’ Edgar Madsen ’59 BUS and Melva Gage ’59 BUS
β€’ Joan ’85 ACES and Lawrence Mahon
β€’ Hoiyee Mak ’96 BUS
β€’ Edward ’74 LAS and Clare Malysiak Jr. ’75 LAS
β€’ Louis ’92 FAA and Kristin Margaglione ’92 ED
β€’ Marian Martin
β€’ William ’79 BUS and Jennifer McCarty III
β€’ R. Norman and Vicki Megginson ’68 AHS, EDM ’78, PHD ’87 ED
β€’ Barbara and Craig Mengarelli
β€’ Floyd ’57 ENG, PHD ’61 ENG, and Elizabeth Miller
β€’ Scott ’74 ENG and Cynthia Miller ’74 ED
β€’ Michael ’85 LAS and Catherine Mini
β€’ Susan Morisato ’75 LAS, MS ’77 LAS and Thomas Remec ’74 LAS, MS ’83 ENG
β€’ G. Ronald ’59 ENG and Margaret Morris ’59 LAS
β€’ William ’81 BUS and Dawn Muckian
β€’ Man Mui ’02 ENG, MS ’04 ENG and Yona Lu ’01 BUS
β€’ Merle Mulvaney ’58 ACES and Janet Turney Mulvaney ’58 ACES
β€’ Arthur ’59 BUS and Jocelyn Murray II
β€’ Chan, MBA ’03, and Rajamma Nair
β€’ Yang Naiwen and Wang Dekun
β€’ Fady MS ’90 ENG, PHD ’94 ENG and Joumana Najjar
β€’ Darrell Nance ’78 LAS and Diane Darling
β€’ John Neumann ’71 PHAM
β€’ Martin Neumann ’99 ENG, MS ’04 ENG, PHD ’07 ENG, ’08
β€’ John and Arlene Norsym ’67 LAS, MBA ’85
β€’ Robert Norwood ’74 BUS
β€’ John ’68 LAS, MS ’69 BUS and Ellen Nowicki MA ’69 LAS
β€’ Beverly Odell ’78 ED
β€’ Steven ’86 FAA, MARCH ’88, and Carolyn Oliver ’88 ACES
β€’ Javette Orgain
β€’ Zigang Pan MS ’92 ENG, PHD ’96 ENG and Ying Gu
β€’ Alan ’71 LAS and Denise Parsons
β€’ John ’67 LAS and Sandra Peirce ’67 LAS
β€’ Daniel ’48 FAA, MS ’49 FAA, and Marjorie Perrino ’48 FAA
β€’ William Peterson ’69 LAS, ’76 LAS, MA ’78 LAS, PHD ’86 LAS, and Ingrid Antonsen ’80 LAS, MA ’81 LAS
β€’ Jay Phelps ’04 ENG, MS ’06 ENG, PHD ’09 ENG
β€’ Ryan Prochaska ’07 LAS
β€’ Kathryn Quinn ’77 AA
β€’ John ’72 ACES and Nancy Reep
β€’ Judith Renault Reese ’64 ED
β€’ Scott ’95 LAS and Tiffany Rice
β€’ Richard ’53 ENG, MS ’58 ENG, and Gertrude Reynolds ’58 ED
β€’ Walter, MS ’49 ENG, PHD ’51 ENG, and Anne Robb
β€’ Peggy ’75 LAS and Gerald Ruff
β€’ Albert ’56 FAA and Joan Saia
β€’ John Santogrossi ’76 LAS, MD ’80, and Jane Romweber Santogrossi ’75 BUS
β€’ Edwin ’66 BUS, MS ’68 BUS, PHD ’74 BUS and Carol Scharlau ’66 ED, EDM ’68 ED
β€’ Lloyd and Betty Schermer ’51 MEDIA
β€’ James ’80 MEDIA and Amelia Schlueter
β€’ William ’50 BUS and Mary Traylor Schnirring ’50 LAS
β€’ Charles, MA ’05 PAA, and Joanna Schrage
β€’ Richard ’77 BUS and Janet Schroeder ’76 ED
β€’ Douglas Sims ’68 ACES and Nancy Mueller Sims ’68 ACES
β€’ Dale ’72 ENG and Brenda Slack
β€’ Terry ’65 FAA, MS ’67 FAA, and Katharine Slocum ’67 FAA
β€’ Carly ’05 LAS and John Smaldino
β€’ Joseph Small MFA ’83
β€’ Stephen ’84 BUS and Jill Smart ’81 BUS
β€’ Kent Sollenberger, MA ’76 LAS and Donna Fitzpatrick Sollenberger ’71 LAS, MA ’74 LAS
β€’ William Stelzel ’87 ENG
β€’ Warren ’90 BUS and Dawn Stippich ’90 MEDIA
β€’ William Stratton ’85 LAS and Juliana Wiggins-Stratton ’87 MEDIA
β€’ Robert Sulo ’74 LAS, MD ’80, and Denise Olivieri-Sulo, MD ’81
β€’ Anthony Tangora ’98 LAS
β€’ Richard Thomas ’79 LAS
β€’ Arnold ’50 FAA and Marian Thompson ’50 LAS
β€’ Cedric Thurman ’87 BUS and Michelle Speller-Thurman ’92 BUS
β€’ Charles ’57 ENG and Sondra Travers
β€’ Max, MD ’48, and Esther Trummer
β€’ Matthew ’96 BUS and Beth Unkraut ’97 LAS
β€’ Carl Vacketta ’63 BUS, JD ’65 LAW
β€’ William ’79 LAS and Janine Vainisi
β€’ E. Eugene ’47 AHS, EMD ’55, and Janann Vance
β€’ Brenton ’52 FAA and Jean Wadsworth
β€’ Robert ’59 LAS, JD ’61, and Emily Watts ’58 LAS, MA ’59 LAS, PHD ’63 LAS
β€’ John ’56 LAS, MA ’58 LAS, PHD ’70 LAS, and Ruth Weaver ’55 LAS, EDM ’70
β€’ Arnold ’50 LAS, MA ’51 LER, HON ’97, and Edna Weber ’54 ACES
β€’ Kay Rickelman Webster ’81 LAS, JD ’84 LAW
β€’ Randall and Shari West, JD ’90 LAW
β€’ Keith Westcott MS ’78 LAS, PHD ’80 LAS
β€’ David ’76 LAS and Donna Whitehill, EDM ’06
β€’ Danielle ’99 LAS and Richard Wilberg
β€’ Dawn Wilkins
β€’ James Williams ’08 BUS
β€’ Duke Yaguchi ’77 BUS, MBA ’79
β€’ Naiwen Yang and Wang Dekun
β€’ Colleen Casserly Zambole ’82 BUS
β€’ Nora Dougherty Zee and Hugo Zee