Northern Realms: Baltics & Scandinavia

Northern Realms: Baltics & Scandinavia

We’re on our way north—come bask in the beauty of the Baltics! From Denmark to Sweden and everywhere in between, this trip will lead you through secret tunnels, into towers and turrets, and behind the scenes in some of the world’s most fascinating towns. Make your way through medieval ruins in Visby and take a kayak down a calm Lithuanian river in Klaipėda.

Tour Tallinn’s underground passageways as you learn about its historic past, then spend two days in Russia. Whether you seek art architecture, or music, St. Petersburg has something for everyone. Before ending in Stockholm, cruise into Helsinki, the white city of the north, where you can peruse an open-air market for the perfect present to pack in your suitcase.

Trip Itinerary:

August 6 Depart for Denmark

August 7 Copenhagen, Denmark

August 8 Berlin (Rostock), Germany

August 9 Gdynia / Gdansk, Poland

August 10 Visby, Sweden

August 11 Klaipeda, Lithuania

August 12 Riga, Latvia

August 13 Tallinn, Estonia

August 14 St. Petersburg, Russia

August 15 St. Petersburg, Russia

August 16 Helsinki, Finland

August 17 Stockholm, Sweden


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