Viking Views & Vistas

Viking Views & Vistas

Get your fill of fjords and fishing villages on this 14-night cruise aboard Oceania Cruises’ Sirena! From Iceland to Norway, northern Europe dazzles and delights at every turn. Settle in for an Icelandic lobster feast in Reykjavík and snap photos of humpback whales in Nuuk. Trace Greenland’s cultural and artistic history with a visit to Qaqortoq’s Stone and Man sculptures.

Sink into the scenic magic of the Shetland Islands—let the cliffs, coves, and salty sea air of Lerwick lure you in. Take a hike to Pulpit Rock in Stavanger and gaze out over the soaring fjords. And learn the secrets of Denmark’s castles near Skagen, where you’ll weave your way through art and artifacts dating back to the Renaissance.

Trip Itinerary:

August 15 Depart for Reykjavik, Iceland

August 16 Reykjavik, Iceland

August 17 Isafjordur, Iceland

August 18 Cruising the Denmark Strait

August 19 Cruising Prince Christian Sound

August 20 Paamiut, Greenland

August 21 Nuuk, Greenland

August 22 Qaqortoq, Greenland

August 23 Cruising Prince Christian Sound

August 24 Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean

August 25 Cruising the North Atlantic Ocean

August 26 Tórshavn (Faroe Islands), Denmark

August 27 Lerwick (Shetland Islands), Scotland

August 28 Stavanger, Norway

August 29 Skagen, Denmark

August 30 Oslo, Norway


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