Ed McMillan, ’69 ACES, receives the 2018 Order of Lincoln

July 21, 2016 University of Illinois Board of Trustees meeting. (Photo by L. Brian Stauffer/UI News Bureau)

Ed Mcmillan, ’69 ACES, has received the 2018 Order of Lincoln, the state’s most prestigious honor for professional achievement and public service. He currently serves as chairman of the University of Illinois Board of Trustees, and has been an active member in the University of Illinois Alumni Association, serving as the chairman for two years and a member of its Board of Director since 2009.

Since graduating from Illinois in 1969, McMillan has held several leadership position positions in the agriculture industry, including president, CEO and director of Purina Mills Inc.

In addition to the BOT, he serves on several professional and civic boards, such as IllinoisVentures, LLC., Balchem Corp. and Agrivida, Inc.

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