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Roxanne Chow

Tax Guide

The Mexican American family came looking for help—with their taxes. Dad was a maintenance worker. Mom was a homemaker. The eldest of their three children served as their translator. When a helpful volunteer ran...

Jack Brendan, Fiona and Brendan O'Brien

Illini Double Trio

Growing up, O’Brien twins Kevin, ’87 MEDIA, and Kathy, ’87 LAS, and 11-months-older brother Peter, ’87 LAS, always attended the same schools in the same grade. So the trio never even considered splitting up...

James Allen


Treatment options are limited for pediatric patients with recurrent T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or T-ALL. James R. Allen, ’11 LAS, is working to understand the cell mechanisms behind the disease’s therapeutic resistance. In recognition...

Marian Anderson


Artist Marian Sautter Anderson, ’44 FAA, is creating a sculpture garden of her work outside her studio in South Haven, Mich. She mentions that one large piece is hollow, which allowed her to crawl...

Jaime Roundtree

Mr. Roundtree

When it comes to the urban schools of America, the name Booker T. Washington is, to be frank, a profile trigger, provoking thoughts of ambitious but crumbling architecture, ancient brick, wavy windows and restrooms...

Paul Lisnek

Alter Ego

After four successful decades as a lawyer, jury consultant, professor, and currently, WGN-TV’s political analyst, Paul Lisnek, ’80 LAS, MA ’80 LAS, JD ’83, PHD ’86 LAS, decided to give fiction a whirl. In...