Kevin Finke Joins UIAA Board

Culture consultant looks forward to serving alumni

head shot of Kevin Finke Kevin Finke (Image courtesy of Kevin Finke)
Culture consultant looks forward to serving alumni

“You know that kid who never stopped asking why? That was me, growing up in a small town about an hour southeast of Champaign,” says Kevin Finke,’92 MEDIA, the latest Illini to join the University of Illinois Alumni Association Board of Directors. Finke says he plans to put that energetic curiosity to good use serving what he’s proud to call “one of the world’s largest and most diverse alumni communities.”

A 2022 UIAA Comeback Award recipient, Finke also brings his skills as a company-culture consultant and “experience engineer” to the UIAA Board as the founder and chief experience officer of Experience Willow, a firm he started in 2012 with his husband, Rob Stalder. The Atlanta-based consultancy designs team-building and other types of workplace experiences that make lives and organizations better. “A majority of today’s workforce is unhappy at work, and that affects how they engage and how their companies perform,” says Finke.

Finke welcomes his new post as an opportunity to share his strengths: “the ability to empathize with others, to clearly define opportunities in terms of human needs and to continually improve solutions.” David A. Scott