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David Kohlstedt seated point to knobs and switches on the wall as a colleague looks on.

Earth Scientist

David Kohlstedt, MS ’67 ENG, PHD ’70 ENG, spent his boyhood in a farming community of 1,200 in South Dakota, where he developed a curiosity about how things work while

Natalie Bomke seated on set at the Fox 32 news studio

Dream Achiever

Not everyone gets a career path marked by so many signposts. As a child, Natalie J. Bomke, ’04 MEDIA, talked such a non-stop streak that her mom worried there was

Black and white image of artist Karen Sixkiller holding a birthday candle to her lips as if it were a cigarette.

Fire Bearer

A Cherokee legend tells of ancient animals praying for warmth to survive the winter on their island. Unetlanvhi (“the Creator”) answered by striking a tree with lightning, setting it on

Chess King

Although the most cerebral of games, chess is lodged in the physical world: the site of the match, the pieces, the players squaring off across a board. But apart from