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Chess King

Although the most cerebral of games, chess is lodged in the physical world: the site of the match, the pieces, the players squaring off across a board. But apart from

Birds of a Feather

In his first picture book, Mr. Watson’s Chickens (Chronicle Books), Jarrett Dapier, ’01 LAS, MSLIS ’15, tells the story of a same-sex couple whose love can survive anything—even a house

Dr. Nicole Williams

Taboo Buster

Dr. Nicole Williams, ’97 LAS, ’97 LAS, doesn’t get mad—she gets motivated. When a guidance counselor suggested that she consider becoming a nurse instead of a doctor, Williams doubled down


To understand what has happened at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine (CIMED), it’s helpful to begin on a scale that goes from titanic to tiny. Within the mighty University