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Room with a number of large sculptures

Living Monument

From its agricultural and engineering roots, John Milton Gregory had a profound vision for what the U of I should become—a full-fledged university offering courses in every field and grounded

Madelyn Childress and Matthew Childress perform at open mic night at Espresso Royale

Memory Lane: Coffee Talk

It’s wintertime at the U of I—snow falling on Altgeld Hall, the Quad’s sidewalks slick with ice, the air so brisk even the Alma Mater looks cold—and just off campus,

portraits of Pam and Kevin Paradies, then and now

Eternal Flames

Their romance began even before school did, at a summer orientation for incoming freshmen. Over the next couple of years, they blossomed together, becoming finance majors, members of rival business

View of the front of the YMCA building

University YMCA

What really lasts for 150 years? If the 1873 attendees of Illinois Industrial University visited the U of I campus today, what would they recognize? Perhaps they’d identify some of

2023 Hall of Fame

  George Kerr, Men’s Track & Field, 1958–60 Kerr won back-to-back NCAA Championships in 1959 and 1960 in the 800-meter and was a seven-time Big Ten champion in middle distances