Illini 411: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen a campus squirrel eat?

Question courtesy of Adam Doskey, ’05 LAS, ’07 IS

Squirrel perched on a concrete campus bench Squirrel on main Quad (Image by Michelle Hassel)
Question courtesy of Adam Doskey, ’05 LAS, ’07 IS

A: Where do I start?!? There was the squirrel in the sycamore tree by the Main Library, eating a full-size slice of pepperoni pizza. There was the one on the South Patio of the Illini Union eating an entire carton of fries (benefactor not in sight). There was the one on the north side of the Union that got too close to my face, as it tried to eat my turkey pesto sandwich. (I was mid-bite, until I was mid-jump.) And there was the one on the steps of Foellinger that was eating a snack bag of Cheetos (Crunchy, not Flamin’ Hot). I’ve been on campus for about 20 years now, and I could keep going, but I’m running out of column space. Lo, the things my eyes have seen!

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