Veterans' Memorial Project

Leland Wayne Cramer

DeLong, IL

World War II

College: Agricultural, Consumer & Environmental Sciences

Graduation Year: 1936

Service Branch: Army

Rank: Captain

Date of Birth: 05/01/1915

Date of Death: 03/02/1945

Affiliations: ROTC

Captain Cramer was a surivor of the Bataan death march and the bombing of 2 Japanese prison ships (the Oryoku Maru in Lingayen Gulf in the Philippines and the Enoura Maru at Takao, Formosa), but died of dysentery and malnutrition in Moji, Japan; the Fukuoka #3 POW Camp. A member of the regular Army, Captain Cramer was commissioned in July, 1937, and went to the Philippines in October, 1941, as Captain in the 26th Cavalry under Brig. Gen. Clinton A. Pierce ’18. Before the Philippines fell he received the Silver Star for heroism.

-taken from Alumni Association Archives and public records

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