Illini 411: Where are the Mortar Board tablets that used to hang in the Illini Union?

Question courtesy of Suzanne Dawson, ’84 BUS

black and yellow mortar board (Image courtesy of UI Archives)
Question courtesy of Suzanne Dawson, ’84 BUS

A: They’re in the University Archives—kind of. Given the tablets’ size and number, the Archives could not keep them all, according to Student Life & Culture Archivist Ellen Swain, MS ’95 IS. Instead, they made photocopies, kept a few examples and discarded the rest. If you’d like to see those records of Mortar Board—the senior honor society that recognizes outstanding students—they’re in series 41/63/40. And if you readers out there have any papers or memorabilia from college, consider donating them to the Archives!

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