Alumni Achievement Award (Est. 1957)

The highest honor bestowed upon alumni by the University of Illinois Alumni Association on behalf of the University of Illinois. The award is presented to those alumni who have attained outstanding success and national or international distinction in their chosen profession or life’s work, and whose accomplishments reflect admirably on or bring honor to their Alma Mater.

2023 Recipients

  • Donald L. Bitzer, ’55 ENG, MS ’56 ENG, PHD ’60 ENG

    Donald L. Bitzer has been doing research and teaching for over 65 years. His research has covered a variety of areas including radar, communications devices, new displays, voice analyses, large computer networks and genetics. This work has led to 19 patents and over 100 papers. Presently, he serves as a distinguished university research professor at North Carolina State University.

    In 1960, Bitzer’s dedication to education led him to invent the University of Illinois’s PLATO system, the first automatic multi-user multimedia teaching system flexible enough to provide both local and remote instruction. As part of PLATO, the plasma display panel (PDP) was invented to provide large high resolution and high contrast graphic displays for students’ viewing. The PDP became important for television terminals in the early 1990s with the introduction of high definition television. For his work inventing the PDP, Bitzer received the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Emmy Award in 2002.

    Some of Bitzer’s other awards include the Industrial Research 100 Award and the Data Processing Management Association’s Computer Sciences “Man of the Year” Award. He was elected a laureate of the Lincoln Academy of Illinois, and he received the American Federation of Information Processing Societies Education Award for contributions to the spectrum of educational processes, most notably through his invention of the PLATO system. From the University of Illinois, he received the 1992 Distinguished Electrical and Computer Engineering Alumnus Award and was elected into Grainger College of Engineering’s Hall of Fame in 2010.

  • Suzanne Koenig, ’82 SW

    Suzanne Koenig is president and founder of SAK Management Services, a nationally recognized healthcare management and consulting services firm, with specific expertise in senior living, skilled nursing and long-term care facilities. Koenig and SAK provide skills in operations improvement, staff development and quality assurance. Koenig brings expertise in expense management, financial oversight, marketing, census development, clinical review and regulatory improvement to healthcare facilities in order to develop operational enhancements.

    As a nursing home administrator and social worker, Koenig has provided turnaround, consulting and restructuring services throughout the U.S. She regularly serves as a court-appointed receiver to oversee and manage healthcare facilities. Having participated in the writing of the Patient Care Ombudsman statute found within the United States Bankruptcy Code, Koenig frequently is appointed as a patient care ombudsman to oversee patient care in healthcare facilities across the country.

    Koenig also holds a Master of Science degree from Spertus College. She is a frequent speaker for various healthcare industry associations and business affiliates where she conducts continuing education and training programs. In 2022, she received a New York Institute of Credit Women’s Division Renaissance Award and was inducted into the International Women’s Insolvency & Restructuring Confederation Hall of Fame.

Past Recipients

  • 2022

    • David W. Hafemeister, MS '60 PHYSICS, PHD '64 PHYSICS

    • Halil Ceylan, MS ’95 ENG, PHD ’02 ENG

    • Amber Faye McReynolds, ’01 LAS

  • 2020

    • Angela Sinickas Shiromani, ’75 MEDIA

    • Joseph Glas, MS ’62 LAS, PHD ’65 LAS

  • 2019

    • Dale Kempf, PHD '82 LAS

    • Laura E. Niklason, '83 LAS, '83 LAS

  • 2018

    • Robert H. Liebeck, ’61 ENG, MS ’62 ENG, PHD ’68 ENG

    • James A. Spudich, ’63 LAS

  • 2017

    • William F. Baker, MS ’80 ENG

      Structural Engineering Design Partner at Skidmore, Owings & Merrill
    • Stephen J. Elledge, ’78 LAS

      World renowned geneticist and cancer researcher
  • 2016

    • Mary-Dell Chilton, ’60 LAS, PHD ’67 LAS

  • 2015

    • Nick Holonyak Jr., ’50 ENG, MS ’51 ENG, PHD ’54 ENG

      Retired Professor of Electrical Engineering
    • Sylvia Puente, MS ’80 LAS

      Executive director of the Latino Policy Forum in Chicago
    • Don B. Wilmeth, PHD ’64 LAS

      Asa Messer Professor Emeritus & former Department head of Theatre at Brown University
  • 2014

    • George R. Carruthers, ’61 ENG, MS ’62 ENG, PHD ’64 ENG

      Senior Astrophysicist, Naval Research Laboratory
    • Fred R. Volkmar, ’72 LAS

      Irving B. Harris Professor, Yale University
    • Donald R. Scifres, MS ’70 ENG, PHD ’72 ENG

      Founder and Managing Director, SDL Ventures LLC
  • 2013

    • Thomas Siebel, ’75 LAS, MBA ’83, MS ’85 ENG

      Chairman and CEO, C3 Energy
    • William Edelstein, ’65 LAS

      Retired General Electric Researcher
  • 2012

    • Bradley Oltmanns, PHD ’79 BUS

      Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers International Ltd.
    • Shahid Khan, ’71 ENG

      President, Flex-N-Gate
  • 2011

    • Brenton Wadsworth, ’52 FAA

      Founder, The Wadsworth Golf Construction Co.
    • Fu-Kuen Lin, PHD ’71 ACES

      Consultant, Amgen
    • Scott W. Atlas, ’77 LAS

      Chief of neuroradiology and professor of radiology, Stanford University Medical Center
  • 2010

    • Roger L. Plummer, ’64 ENG

      Operations Vice President, Illinois Bell
    • Mohamed T. El-Ashry, MS ’63 LAS, PHD ’66 LAS

      Geology scholar and former adviser to Environmental Defense Fund
    • James M. Benson, ’68 LAS

      CEO, Clark Benson LLC
  • 2009

    • Gerald Schoenfeld, ’47 DSSWV

      Chairman, Schubert Organization
    • William E. Geist, ’68 MEDIA

      Correspondent, CBS “Sunday Morning”; author, humorist
  • 2008

    • Sheila C. Johnson, ’70 FAA

      CEO, Salamander Hospitality LLC; Musician, Philanthropist
    • Freeman A. Hrabowski III, AM ’71 LAS, PHD ’75 ED

      President, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
    • Doris Kelley Christopher, ’67 ACES

      Founder & Chair, The Pampered Chef
  • 2007

    • Dr. Arnyce R. Pock, ’81 LAS

      Director, United States Air Force Medical Corps
    • R. Eden Martin, ’62 LAS

      President, The Commercial Club of Chicago
    • Phillip L. Francis, ’68 ACES

      President & CEO, PetSmart
  • 2006

    • John McDonald, ’43 LAS, JD ’46 LAW

      Retired Diplomat and Co-Founder of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
    • Susan Lindquist, ’71 LAS

      Director of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Roger Ebert, ’64 MEDIA

      Film Critic, Author and TV Personality
  • 2005

    • James J. Stukel, MS '63 ENG, PHD '68 ENG

      President, University of Illinois (1995-2005)
    • Alfred G. Harms Jr., '71 LAS

      Retired Vice Admiral, U.S. Navy
    • Roxanne Decyk, '73 LAS

      Director-International, Royal Dutch Shell Group of Companies
  • 2004

    • Clifford B. Saper, '72 LAS, MS '72 LAS

      Groundbreaking Neuroscience Researcher
    • Robert T. Fraley, '74 LAS, MS '76 LAS, PHD '79 LAS

      Agricultural Biotechnology Pioneer
    • Robert Falls, '76 FAA

      Tony Award Winning Broadway Director, Artistic Director, Goodman Theatre
  • 2003

    • Phillip Allen Sharp, PHD '69 LAS

      Founding Director and Institute Professor McGovern Institute for Brain Research Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    • Paul D. Schrage, MS '59 MEDIA

      Retired Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer McDonald's Corporation Chairman, Ronald McDonald House Charities
    • Robert Badgett Morgan, PHD '74 FAA

      Retired Director of Jazz Studies High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Houston, Texas
  • 2002

    • Sophie Lau Leung, '69 LAS

      Chair, Women's Commission Legislative Council of Hong Kong
    • Steven L. Miller, '67 ENG

      Chairman, President and CEO Shell Oil Co.
    • Jerry A. Hadley, MS '77 FAA

      Grammy Award-Winning and Internationally Renowned Opera Singer
  • 2001

    • Walter L. Robb, MS '49 ENG, PHD '51 ENG

      Senior Vice President for Corporate Research and Development General Electric Co.
    • Charles William Gear, MS '57 LAS, PHD '60 LAS

      President Computer Science Research Division at the NEC Research Institute
  • 2000

    • Sheldon Good, '55 CBA

      Founder and Chairman Sheldon Good & Company President International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI)
    • Alfred Y. Cho, '60 ENG, MS '61 ENG, PHD '68 ENG

      Semiconductor Research Vice President Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies Father of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)
    • Linda K. Bunker, '68 ALS, MS '69, PHD '73

      Nationally Renowned Sport Psychologist and Author
  • 1999

    • Joseph H. Burckhalter, '38 LAS

      Research Professor, Chemist Florida Institute of Technology
  • 1998

    • R. Rolando Hinojosa-Smith, PHD '69 LAS

      Author Professor of English and Creative Writing The University of Texas at Austin
    • Archie R. Clemins, '66, ENG, MS '72 ENG

      Admiral, U. S. Navy Commander-in-Chief, U. S. Pacific Fleet Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
    • Gary K. Bielfeldt, '58, ACES, MS '59 ACES

      ACES Managing Partner, Bielfeldt and Company Chairman, The Bielfeldt Foundation
  • 1997

    • Robert D. Novak, AB '52 LAS

      Newspaper Columnist, Television Commentator, Author Washington, D.C.
    • Leo M. Henikoff, Jr., MD '63 MED (UIC)

      President, Rush University President and Chief Executive Officer Rush Presbyterian-St. Luke's Medical Center Pediatric Cardiologist
    • John A. Georges, '51 LAS

      Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer International Paper Company
    • Jerry J. Colangelo, '62 ALS

      Owner, Phoenix Suns (National Basketball Association) Owner, Arizona Diamondbacks (Major League Baseball Team)
  • 1996

    • Cesar Pelli, '54 ARCH

      Architect, Designer, and Distinguished Architectural Educator Cesar Pelli & Associates
    • H. Richard McFarland, '52 ACES

      Businessman, Philanthropist, Patriot President and Owner McFarland Foods Corporation
    • Mannie L. Jackson, '60 ALS

      Chairman and Owner, Harlem Globetrotters Retired Senior Vice President and Corporate Officer Honeywell, Inc.
  • 1995

    • Edwin G. Krebs, AB '40 LAS

      Professor Emeritus, University of Washington Senior Investigator Emeritus Howard Hughes Medical Institute Nobel Prize Winner
    • Donald C. Johanson, AB '66 LAS

      Physical Anthropologist President, Institute of Human Origins
    • Nancy Goodman Brinker, AB '68 LAS

      Founding Chairman The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
  • 1994

    • Richard Cline, AB '57 LAS

      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer NICOR Inc.
    • Steven B. Sample, '62 ENG, MS '63 ENG, PHD '65 ENG

      Educator, Inventor, Administrator President, University of Southern California
    • David H. Blackwell, AB '38 LAS, AM '39 LAS, PHD '41 LAS

      Statistician, Educator, Author University of California, Berkeley Member, National Academy of Sciences
  • 1993

    • Lynn Morley Martin, AB '60 LAS

      Congresswoman, Teacher Former Secretary of Labor
    • George M.C. Fisher, '62 ENG

      Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Motorola
    • Albert Leslie Babb, MS '49 LAS, PHD '51 LAS

      Chemical Engineer, Biomedical Engineer, Humanitarian Designer of the First Portable Kidney Dialysis Machine
  • 1992

    • Dennis D. Swanson, '61 MEDIA, MS '66 MEDIA

      President ABC Sports, Daytime and Children's Programming New York
    • Steven R. Nagel, '69 AAE

      Colonel, U. S. Air Force NASA Astronaut
    • Richard H. Frank, '65 CBA

      President Walt Disney Studios
  • 1991

    • Samuel K. Skinner, '60 CBA

      United States Secretary of Transportation
    • John F. Burke, '47 LAS

      Surgeon, Scientist and Educator Harvard University Medical School
    • James S. Brady, '62 MEDIA

      Vice Chairman National Organization on Disability, Washington, D.C. Former Press Secretary for President Ronald Reagan
  • 1990

    • B. Kenneth West, AB '55 LAS

      Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Harris Bankcorp, Inc.
    • Arnold R. Weber, AB '50 LAS, AM '51 LAS

      President Northwestern University
    • Charles Marshall, '51 ACES

      Vice Chairman of the Board American Telephone and Telegraph Co.
  • 1989

    • Sybil C. Mobley, PHD '64 CBA

      Dean, School of Business and Industry Florida A & M University
    • David F. Linowes, '41 CBA

      Educator, Political Economist, CPA Consultant to U.S. Presidents Professor of Political Economy and Boeschenstein Professor Emeritus University of Illinois
    • David Herbert Donald, AM '42 LAS, PHD '46 LAS

      Distinguished Civil War Historian Pulitzer Prize Winning Biographer Charles Warren Professor, Harvard University
  • 1988

    • Charlotte Herman Kerr, '40 ACES '46 MED, MD '48 MED

      President American Medical Women's Association
    • Richard E. Heckert, MS '47 LAS, PHD '49 LAS

      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Du Pont Company
    • Sidney D. Drell, AM '47 PHYSICS, PHD '49 PHYSICS, HON. '81

      Physicist, Educator, Arms Control Specialist, Professor and Deputy Director Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
  • 1987

    • Robert C. Underwood, JD '39 LAW

      Justice, Illinois Supreme Court (Deceased)
    • Godfrey Sperling, Jr., '37 MEDIA

      Chief, Washington News Bureau Christian Science Monitor
    • Jerome S. Gore, '41 CBA

      Chairman Hartmarx Corporation
  • 1986

    • Prentice H. Marshall, '49 LAS, JD '51 LAW

      Judge, United States District Court Northern District of Illinois
    • Karl A. Folkers, '28 LAS

      Director, Institute of Biomedical Research Ashbel Smith Professor of Chemistry, University of Texas at Austin (Deceased)
    • Helene R. Foellinger, AB '32 LAS

      President of Foellinger Foundation Former publisher, News-Sentinel Fort Wayne, Indiana (Deceased)
  • 1985

    • Alfred B. Swanson, '45 MED, MD '47 MED

      Physician, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Teacher
    • James R. Martin, '40 LAS

      Chairman of the Board Massachusetts Mutual Life Ins. Company (Deceased)
    • Alan M. Hallene, '51 ENG

      President Montgomery Elevator Company
  • 1984

    • Julia Henderson, AB '36 LAS, AM '37 LAS

      Former Secretary General International Planned Parenthood Federation
    • Harold R. Bruno, Jr., '50 MEDIA

      Director of Political Coverage ABC News
    • Richard E. Albrecht, '40 ACES

      Former President Farm Progress Publications (Deceased)
  • 1983

    • Wilma L. Vaught, '52 CBA

      Brigadier General, U.S. Air Force Commander, U.S. Military Entrance Processing Command
    • John L. Strohm, '35 MEDIA

      Editor, Publisher, Foreign Correspondent, Founder, National Wildlife Magazine (Deceased)
    • Dorothy Martin Simon, PHD '45 LAS

      Vice President, Research AVCO Corporation
  • 1982

    • Julius B. Richmond, '37 MED, MS '39 MED, MD MED

      Professor, Harvard Medical School Assistant Secretary for Health and Surgeon General U.S.P.H.S. 1977-81
    • Eugene P. Odum, PHD '39 ZOOLOGY

      Distinguished Professor and Director Institute of Ecology University of Georgia
    • Helen 0. Dickens, '32 MED, MD '34 MED

      Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology University of Pennsylvania
  • 1981

    • Mark Shepherd, Jr., MS '47 ENG

      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Texas Instruments, Inc.
    • Mostafa Khalil, MS '48 ENG, PHD '51 ENG

      Former Prime Minister of Egypt
    • Earl B. Dickerson, AB '14 LAS

      Honorary Chairman of the Board Supreme Life Insurance Co. of America (Deceased)
  • 1980

    • Gardner W. Heidrick, '35 CBA

      Co-founder, Heidrick and Struggles, Inc. International Recruiter, Organization Builder, Industry Leader
    • Harry J. Gray, '41 MEDIA, MS '47 MEDIA

      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, United Technologies Corporation
    • Lew Allen, Jr., '52 PHYSICS, PHD '54 PHYSICS

      Chief of Staff United States Air Force
  • 1979

    • J. Robert Schrieffer, MS '54 PHYSICS, PHD '57 PHYSICS

      Professor of Physics University of Pennsylvania
    • Everette B. Harris, AB '35 LAS

      President Emeritus Chicago Mercantile Exchange (Deceased)
    • Rowine Hayes Brown, MD '39 MED

      Medical Director Cook County Hospital (Deceased)
  • 1978

    • Rosalyn S. Yalow, MS '42 PHYSICS, PHD '45 PHYSICS

      Senior Medical Investigator Bronx Veterans Administration Hospital Nobel Prize Winner
    • Lee L. Morgan, '41 ACES

      Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Caterpillar Tractor Company
    • Gayle B. Aydelott, '36 CBA

      President & Chairman Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad (Deceased)
  • 1977

    • George W. English, '21 CBA

      Attorney, Bank Executive Community Builder (Deceased)
    • Kenneth 0. Emery, '37 GEOLOGY, PHD '41 GEOLOGY

      Marine Geologist, Senior Scientist Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (Deceased)
    • Temple Hoyne Buell, '16 ARCH

      Architect, Founder, Chief Executive Officer Buell Development Corporation (Deceased)
  • 1976

    • Thomas A. Murphy, '38 CBA

      Chairman, General Motors Corporation
    • Carl S. Marvel, AM '19 LAS, PHD '20

      Professor of Chemistry University of Arizona (Deceased)
    • Arthur W. Sloan, '22 LAS

      Founder, President Atlantic Research Corporation (Deceased)
  • 1975

    • W. Leonard Evans, Jr., '35 CBA

      President and Publisher Tuesday Publications, Inc.
    • Clayton Kirkpatrick, AB '37 LAS

      Editor, Chicago Tribune
    • Polykarp Kusch, MS '33 PHYSICS, PHD '36 PHYSICS

      Professor of Physics The University of Texas at Dallas Nobel Prize Winner (Deceased)
  • 1974

    • Robert W. Holley, '42 LAS

      Professor of Molecular Biology, The Salk Institute. (Deceased)
    • Roy J. Carver, '34 ENG

      Founder and Chairman, Bandag, Inc. (Deceased)
    • Walter P. Blount, AB '21 LAS, BS '23 MED

      Physician, Surgeon and Teacher (Deceased)
  • 1973

    • William L. Pereira, '30 ARCH

      Architect, Planner, William L. Pereira Associates (Deceased)
    • William A. Marsteller, '37 MEDIA

      Charman of the Board, Marsteller, Inc. (Deceased)
    • Jack S. Kilby, '47 ENG

      Inventor, Engineer, Dallas, Texas
  • 1972

    • George H. Lesch, '31 CBA

      Chairman of the Board, Colgate-Palmolive Company (Deceased)
    • Philip Handler, PHD '39 LAS

      President, National Academy of Sciences (Deceased)
    • Barton A. Cummings, '35 MEDIA

      Chairman, Executive Committee, Compton Advertising, Inc. (Deceased)
  • 1971

    • Milton C. Mumford, AB '35 LAS

      Chairman of the Board Lever Brothers Company (Deceased)
    • Fred H. Turner, AB '22 LAS, AM '29 PSY, PHD '31 EDU

      Dean of Students, Emeritus University of Illinois (Deceased)
    • Ralph A. Connor, '29 LAS

      Chairman, Executive Committee, Rohm and Haas Company (Deceased)
  • 1970

    • John W. Queenan, '27 CBA

      Managing Partner, Haskins and Sells (Deceased)
    • Charles Luckman, '31 ARCH

      Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Charles Luckman Associates (Deceased)
    • John C. Houbolt, '40 ENG

      Senior Vice President, Aeronautical Research Associates of Princeton
  • 1969

    • Glen P. Brock, Sr., '22 CBA

      President Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad Company
    • Louis K. Eilers, '29 LAS

      President and Chief Executive Officer, Eastman Kodak Company
    • Dorothy Hunt Needham, '22 LAS

      President, North American Benefit Association
  • 1968

    • Dr. L. Emmerson Ward, AB '39 LAS

      Chairman, Mayo Clinic Board of Governors
    • George E. Keck, '32 CBA

      President, United Air Lines, Inc.
    • Wayne A. Johnston, '19

      Chairman, Illinois Central Industries and Illinois Central Railroad
    • Rexford S. Blazer, AB '28 LAS

      Chairman of the Board, Ashland Oil and Refining Company
  • 1967

    • Oliver J. Troster, '16 ACES

      Partner, Troster, Singer and Company (Deceased)
    • Phillips Talbot, AB '36 LAS, BS '36 MEDIA

      United States Ambassador to Greece
    • Joseph B. Lanterman, '36 CBA

      President, Amsted Industries, Inc. (Deceased)
  • 1966

    • Irna Phillips, '23 LAS

      Creator, Writer, Radio and Television Serials (Deceased)
    • Albert E. Jenner, Jr., LLB '30 LAW

      Attorney, Raymond, Mayer, Jenner & Block (Deceased)
    • Harry 0. Bercher, '28 CBA

      President, International Harvester Co. (Deceased)
  • 1965

    • Allan Nevins, AB '12 LAS, AM '13 LAS

      Historian, Teacher, Biographer (Deceased)
    • William G. Karnes, '33 CBA

      President, Beatrice Foods Co. (Deceased)
    • George S. Halas, '18 ENG

      Owner/Coach, Chicago Bears Football Club, Inc. (Deceased)
  • 1964

    • Leslie B. Worthington, '23 CBA

      President, United States Steel Corp. (Deceased)
    • Stewart D. Owen, AB '20 LAS

      Managing Editor, The Chicago Tribune (Deceased)
    • Mark Van Doren, AB '14 LAS, AM '15 LAS

      Poet, Author, Teacher, Literary Critic (Deceased)
  • 1963

    • Donald R. Grimes, AB '28 LAS

      President, Independent Grocers Alliance Distributing Co. (Deceased)
    • William B. Greene, '08 ENG

      Chairman of the Board Barber-Greene Co. (Deceased)
    • Max Abramovitz, BAR '29 ARCH

      Architect, Harrison and Abramovitz
  • 1962

    • Clifford S. Strike, '24 ENG

      President, F.H. McGraw & Co. (Deceased)
    • Dr. Karl A. Meyer, MD '08

      Medical Director, Cook County Medical Institutions (Deceased)
    • George Chandler, '22 CBA

      President of the Board Screen Actors Guild (Deceased)
  • 1961

    • James B. Reston, '32 MEDIA

      Chief, Washington Bureau The New York Times (Deceased)
    • Karl M. Dallenbach, AB '10 LAS

      Distinguished Professor of Psychology University of Texas (Deceased)
    • Harold Boeschenstein, '20 CBA

      President, Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp. (Deceased)
  • 1960

    • Robert L. Latzer, '08 ACES

      Chairman of the Board Pet Milk Co. (Deceased)
    • Herman C. Krannert, '12 ENG

      Chairman of the Board Inland Container Corp. (Deceased)
    • Arnold 0. Beckman, '22 LAS

      President, Beckman Instruments, Inc.
  • 1959

    • Collett E. Woolman, '12 ACES

      President, Delta Air Lines
    • Vicente Y. Orosa, '11 ENG

      Public Works Engineer, Philippine Government
    • Vincent du Vigneaud, '23 LAS, MS '24 LAS, HON '60

      Nobel Prize Winner Chemistry
  • 1958

    • Louis C. Goad, '23 ENG

      Executive Vice President, General Motors Corp.
    • Edward A. Doisy, AB '14 LAS

      Nobel Prize Winner Chemistry
    • Avery Brundage, '09 ENG

      President, International Olympic Committee
  • 1957

    • Charles B. Shuman, '28 ACES, MS '29 ACES

      President American, Farm Bureau Federation
    • William E. Levis, LLB '13 LAW

      Chairman of the Board Owens Illinois Glass Co.
    • Clifford F. Hood, '15 ENG

      President, United States Steel Corp.