Clubs & Groups

Illini clubs, affinity groups and college groups are a great way to stay connected to the University of Illinois and your fellow alumni. They offer a variety of social, cultural, educational, community service and networking events. To get involved, contact the club or group leader below, or visit the group’s homepage.

International Clubs

  • Africa

    • Mauritius

      Contact: Kush Tulsidas

  • Africa, South Africa

    • Illinois Alumni Club of Southern Africa

      Leader: Kay Rickelman ’81 LAS, JD ’84 LAW

  • Asia, China

    • Illinois Alumni Club of Shanghai

      Leader: Shuyin Chuai MA ’03 LAS, MHRIR ’04 LER

    • Illinois Alumni Club of Beijing

      Leader: Marco Damian Reyes ’09 LAS

  • Asia, Hong Kong

  • Asia, India

  • Asia, Indonesia

    • Indonesia UI Alumni Association Chapter

      President: Sapto Widyatmiko MA ’03 BUS

  • Asia, Japan

  • Asia, Malaysia

    • Malaysia

      Contact: Faisal Mansor ’03 ENG

  • Asia, Singapore

    • UI Alumni Association, Singapore Chapter

      President: Rui Lin Tan ’14 ENG

  • Asia, South Korea

    • UI Alumni Association, Korea Chapter

      President: Sanghoon Lee, MBA ’01

  • Asia, Taiwan

    • UI Alumni Association, Taiwan Chapter

      Leader: Feipei Lai MS ’84 ENG, PHD ’87 ENG

  • Asia, Thailand

    • UI Alumni Association, Thailand Chapter

      President: Pongthavee Ratanakoses, MS ’99 GIES

  • Europe, Austria and Central Europe

    • Alumni Club of Vienna

      Leader: Gregory Tessler ’97 LAS, MA ’00 LER

  • Europe, France

    • France

      Contact: Lisa Kurtz ’82 LAS

  • Europe, Germany

    • UI European Law Alumni Club

      President: Wolfgang Weitnauer, MCL ’79 LAW

  • Europe, Greece

  • Europe, Italy

    • Illinois Alumni Club of Italy

      Leader: Paolo Farese MCL ’83 LAW

  • Europe, Switzerland

    • Geneva Alumni Club

      Leader: Hakan Ozis MBA ’05

      Leader: Carol Brighton ’83 FAA

  • Europe, Turkey

    • Turkey

      Contact: Eray Asil MS ’06 LAS

  • Europe, United Kingdom, Illinois Alumni Club of the UK

    • Illinois Alumni Club of the UK

      President: Amy Barklam ’94 BUS

  • North America, Canada

    • Canada
  • North America, Mexico

    • Puerto Vallarta

      Contact: Elizabeth O’Connor ’86 LAS

    • Illinois Alumni Club of Mexico City

      President: Veronica Reyes, ’07 LAS

  • South America, Argentina

    • Illinois Alumni Club of Argentina

      Leader: Damian Rodriguez Peluffo LLM ’99 LAW

  • South America, Chile

    • Illinois Alumni Club of Chile

      Contact: Gabriel Fuenzalida MLA ’06 FAA

  • South America, Costa Rica

    • Costa Rica

      Contact: Cesar Jaramillo MS ’89 BUS

  • South America, Ecuador

    • Ecuador

      Contact: Jose Andres Navarro MS ’81 ENG

  • South America, Panama

    • Panama

      Contact: Louis Sola MS ’98 BUS

  • South America, Paraguay

    • Illinois Alumni Club of Paraguay

      Leader: Ignacio Llano

  • South America, Peru

    • Peru

      Contact: Juan Bariola MS ’81 ENG, PHD ’86 ENG