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Bruce Rhoads stands in a steam at the site of a new research project looking at soil erosion and they impact on waterways.

In Class: River Runner

I am a geomorphologist by training. I study how rivers are natural agents of erosion and deposition on our planet. Earth is unique because of its large amount of surface water.

Carol Symes among Medieval centered exhibits in the Sprulock Museum.

In Class: Middle Ager

The Middle Ages covers at least a thousand years. It’s a huge period of time, and a lot is happening—knights in shining armor and chivalry and cathedrals, but also disease

Professor Wade Fagen-Ulmschneider standing against a projected, green digital wall.

In Class: Data Driven

Five years ago, no one really knew what data science was. Now, the buzz is it’s where all the new jobs are. I teach Data Science Discovery, a freshman-level course,

Roman Ivashkiv

In Class: Slavic Speaker

Like most Ukrainians, I am bilingual. I teach both Ukrainian and Russian. Slavic languages are probably not as difficult to learn as languages like Chinese and Arabic, but they are

Sonia Lasher-Trapp

In Class: Cloud Rider

A lot of us in atmospheric sciences had early experiences that got us thinking about the weather. I grew up in southern Indiana in an agrarian environment. I was terrified

In Class: Faith Watcher

I research, write and teach about violence and war and how they intersect with religion in American history. My courses are generally on the religious history of the U.S. from

Denice Ward Hood

In Class: Student Counselor

I teach master’s and doctoral students in our graduate programs in higher education and diversity and equity. Many of the master’s students in higher education are interested in being student

Also Manfroi

In Class: Math Master

I teach a class on differential equations. This semester I’m teaching close to 600 students. They are mostly sophomore and junior engineering majors. It’s the course they take after Calculus