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Angel Chatterton

In Class: Vision Quest

I teach taxation, which is a required class for accounting students at Illinois. They find it, frankly, kind of boring. We cover the core concept of depreciation. Everybody in the

Jim Hansen

In Class: Horror Buff

I’ve been teaching film since I was a graduate student in English, back in the mid-90s. I’ve always loved it. I used to use film to make points in classes

Jaya Yodh

In Class: Facilitator

I am one of four core medical education facilitators at U of I’s Carle Illinois College of Medicine. We come from different backgrounds—engineering, neuroscience, physiology, biochemistry. I’m the biochemist. We started

Antony Agoustakis

In Class: Myth Maker

I have always been drawn to texts, to what literature tells us about the past.   I grew up in Greece on the island of Crete. We studied mythology beginning

In Class: Marriage Counselor

My area of research is domestic violence, and the majority of my students are human development and family studies majors.  I teach an undergraduate class on family stress and change.

In Class: Printers’ Helper

The Illinois MakerLab is about five-and-a-half-years old. We began in January 2013. It’s the world’s first 3-D printing lab located in a business school. There are a couple of others