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In Class: Dance Doctor

I lead studies to understand the ways in which dance can improve mobility in people with movement disorders. I design targeted classes that address movement dysfunction and test how effective the

In Class: Fault Finder

I teach a graduate course on tectonics. I teach the undergraduate course in structural geology. I contribute to field courses. I teach an honors course on the future of the

In Class: Teachers’ Teacher

I teach Introduction to Teaching Mathematics in a Diverse Society, for undergraduates who are majoring in mathematics and pursuing a minor in secondary education because they want to be teachers.

In Class: Power Source

I teach Nuclear Power Economics and Fuel Management, which is kind of a mouthful. It’s an undergraduate class. The students learn about all of the steps of nuclear power production: mining

In Class: Horse Doc

The veterinary medical degree program at Illinois has a unique curriculum. It’s one of the things we’re known for. The first- and second-year classes are mostly basic sciences—anatomy, histology, pathology—all

In Class: Tale Teller

My experience of teaching Ulysses is that it takes almost two-thirds of the semester to get students in the mood because the resistance is very strong. It involves a certain

In Class: Ad Analyzer

I teach Consumer Insights, a course for undergraduate advertising majors. The course draws on my own professional background as well as my research. I see students learn to think about how

In Class: Legal Eagle

One of the mis-impressions people often have is that the law is a “bunch o’ rules”—that you come to law school, you learn the rules, and then you’re a lawyer.