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Suzanne Miller poses with a tan horse in a stable

Competitive Spirit

If idle hands are the devil’s workshop, don’t expect Old Nick to knock on Suzanne Miller’s door. Miller, ’74 LAS, MD ’78 UIC, MS ’14 UIC, recently retired from her

Jaap Hoogstraten, poses along a Spinosaurus skeleton

Field Guide

It’s showtime for the newest star attraction at Chicago’s Field Museum of Natural History: Sobek, a 46-foot-long cast of a Spinosaurus skeleton. This fierce semi-aquatic predator ruled the seas around

outside portrait of Sonya Zalubowski

Undercover Reporter

In 1981, as the Solidarity labor movement was gaining traction in Poland, Sonya Zalubowski, MS ’78 MEDIA, took a leave of absence from the Associated Press and moved to Warsaw,

Monica Eng standing in a Chicago alley


As usual, Monica Eng, ’91 LAS, was really busy. She’d just finished watching The Chicago Tribune’s Chris Jones interview with Who guitarist Pete Townshend and was filing fixes for her

image or globe and six experts


COMPUTER SCIENCE Computers will become even more ubiquitous We’re all terrible at predicting the future. For many years, there was a mathematically exponential increase in computing performance—we were increasing the

Javan and Melissa Raney Samp kiss in front of the Alma Mater sculpture on their wedding day.

Club Kids

So special. So romantic. So U of I, how Javan G. Samp, ’15 ENG, and Melissa Raney Samp, ’15 ACES, together inscribed their names in the membership log of a