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Male student being silly, laughing and poking his face through a life-size, orange Illinois block "I."

From Zero to $2.7 Billion

One might say a triumph was front-loaded. When With Illinois officially kicked off in the fall of 2017, approximately 45 percent of the campaign’s ambitious $2.25 billion goal had already

Distant Relatives

In science, as in all of life, there are matters a posteriori—meaning they have to be proved—and matters a priori—which is to say, self-evident. That U of I Professor Alfred

Robert Brunner


When Robert Brunner, Ph.D., says new technologies aren’t rocket science, he speaks from experience—he holds a doctoral degree in astrophysics and was professor of astronomy before coming to the Gies

Way of the Sensei

Shozo Sato, HON ’99, still remembers the searchlights sweeping across the sky over Osaka, Japan, in 1945. Then came the B-29 bombers. “I could hear the planes coming in, the