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The Quad

A World Beyond

THE COVID-19 ERA, Part 1 of 3 They were on top of a mountain in Puerto Rico, queued up for the adrenaline rush of the longest zip-line ride in the

Jaya Yodh

In Class: Facilitator

I am one of four core medical education facilitators at U of I’s Carle Illinois College of Medicine. We come from different backgrounds—engineering, neuroscience, physiology, biochemistry. I’m the biochemist. We started

Anti-Vietnam march

Flash Point

EDITOR’S NOTE The 1960s were a period like no other in the history of higher education, as student unrest about the Vietnam War and other social issues overtook campuses nationwide,

Dan Corry

Nut Job

Dan Corry, ’19 MEDIA, gets a lot of funny looks doing his job. And he doesn’t give a flying filbert.  In June, Corry began a year-long stint driving one of

Good Deals

American country comedienne Minnie Pearl, best known for the hokey dresses and hats she wore with price tags intact, was affiliated with a chain of fried chicken restaurants bearing her

Logistics enhancer

An enormous amount of food is wasted globally every year, with up to one-third of all edibles being discarded, according to the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.