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Sunny library facade with an open book in the foreground and pages curled into the spine to form the shape of a heart.

The University Library

Beloved and ever-evolving, the University Library has drawn a range of gifts, including a $2.5M pledge for revisioning and renovation from the Shebik family (Steven E., ’78 BUS, ’78 BUS,


To understand what has happened at the Carle Illinois College of Medicine (CIMED), it’s helpful to begin on a scale that goes from titanic to tiny. Within the mighty University

O’Hare I

The next time you’re at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, be sure to catch the U of I’s Block I. This past January, the University’s iconic mark—rendered seven feet by six

Mars rover

Perseverance has landed

DATE: Feb. 18, 2021 PLACE: Outer atmosphere of Mars Seven minutes of terror—that’s what people at NASA call atmospheric reentry, an interval of conditions so extreme that the spacecraft’s communications

The Power of I

“The University of Illinois is done with ‘Midwest humble.’ ” That’s the word from Eric Minor, ’86 ENG, the U of I chief marketing officer, as he and his team