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  DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION AWARD TRACEY MEARES Yale Law School Professor addresses justice-system inequities One of the nation’s leading authorities on policing in urban communities, Yale University Law School professor

Elizabeth Luckman standing in the lobby of the Gies College of Business.

In Class: Ethical Strategist

I teach a required undergraduate class in business dynamics. Students engage in a complex, very cool computer simulation, running one of six companies making sensors and all competing against each

View of the front of the YMCA building

University YMCA

What really lasts for 150 years? If the 1873 attendees of Illinois Industrial University visited the U of I campus today, what would they recognize? Perhaps they’d identify some of

Carnival shooting gallery illustration with a smiling duck having dodged many bullets.

Flu Fighter

For about a decade now, Nicholas Wu has thought about ducks. He’d long known about avian influenza and other infectious diseases. Wu was in elementary school in Hong Kong in